The Butchers  but not real sure who.  Helen Lewandowski
Cavanaugh thinks the one on the end could be her father Dennis
Grandma Mary Lewandowski Turner's Mother and brothers.
did some research and the Gibbion Bros were only around for a few years between 1899 - 1902.   
Since Vincent and John were already in there 20's. Let's say this was taken in 1900 before Edward and  
Andrew Died This picture would be Dennis(16y), Joseph (14y),  Edward (11y), Andrew (7y)
Edward (11)
Helena (43)
Andrew (7)
Joseph (14)
Not sure what this group represents but I think this is
Mary and Helen Cavanaugh thinks the one on the
bottom is her father Dennis
This is one of the only pictures that has
a name on it
Frank Lewandowski.
Grandma Mary Lewandowski Turner's
Father (1852-1912)
I think these are Vincent (Grandma Mary Lewandowski Turner's oldest brother) and Mary his wife
I am pretty sure that this is Vincent, Mary
and Frank,  Mary was married in 1910.
She had a child in 1911 that same year
her husband was killed when he was hit
by a train on Schulyer St. in Utica.  Her
husband was in the Butcher business
also and I think that is how she met
Vincent. She and Vincent were married
in 1912 and since Frank passed away in
1912 this picture must have been taken
prior to his death. Frank would have
been 60, Vincent 35 years old, Mary 24
years old and Mary's son Karol 1 yr.
If the man with the big mustache is
in fact Vincent the other pictures
here are also Vincent. The only
other picture with markings on it is
the one below.  It had written "To
Mary Lewandowski, From Mary
Wielk.  Mary Wielk is Vincent's wife.
In the picture above.  Vincent and
Mary had a daughter "Sophie" in
1913,  She looks to be about 4 or 5
years old here
Now here it appears Vincent and Mary
are older and I am not sure who the
man is standing behind them.  
Besides Mary's son Karol and their
daughter Sophie they had another
son Sigmunt who was born in 1918